SCUBAPRO has released the new Aladin A2, a fully loaded dive computer targeted to advanced divers and technical divers, as well as CCR divers and freedivers, who appreciate the compactness and convenience of a wrist-style dive computer, but demand the kind of features and functions that enable them to excel in their sport.

The A2 delivers total dive computing power in a modern lightweight design – stylish yet functional, and comfortable on the wrist. The high-resolution hybrid matrix display with large numbers is easy to read under water, even in adverse conditions, and the intuitive menu and simple four button controls make it easy to navigate through the system.

For daily topside use the A2 provides full timekeeping functions and an advanced Sport mode that offers sport-related functions like a swim stroke counter, activity counter (pedometer) and stopwatch.

When it’s time to go diving, the A2 offers everything an advanced recreational diver wants, and everything a technical diver needs. It starts with wireless air integration that can handle multiple transmitters while monitoring tank pressure and providing true remaining bottom time based on a diver’s workload from breathing. With the optional HRM belt the A2 also records heartbeat and skin temperature, providing even more vital, individualized information that can be factored into the decompression calculation.

The A2 lets you choose from six dive modes: Scuba, Gauge, Apnea, Trimix, Sidemount and CCR. The Predictive Multi-Gas ZH-L16 ADT MB algorithm accommodates eight gases (21-100% O2) plus two in CCR mode. The digital tilt-compensated compass provides easy navigation under water or on the surface. And when the diving is done, cord-free connectivity using a Bluetooth LE interface lets you easily sync with a PC, Mac, Android or iPhone for data downloading and more.

Offering just the right balance of topside features, underwater functions and ease of use, the versatile A2  stands at the pinnacle of go-anywhere, do-anything, “intelligent” personal dive computing. Whatever type of diving you do, the Aladin A2 is ready to go there with you.