DESTIN — While divers who plan to explore a part of the Destin Harbor next week won’t be searching for treasure, they will be performing a highly valuable task.

Starting Tuesday, employees of Logan Diving and Salvage of Jacksonville will dive to the bottom of the harbor to conduct a routine inspection and survey of a water line owned by the nonprofit Destin Water Users Inc.

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The line, which is submerged under the harbor bottom, crosses the waterway between the future, city-owned Capt. Royal Melvin Heritage Park at 206 Harbor Blvd. and the eastern end of Norriego Point, adjacent to Gulf Shore Drive and the site of proposed, privately-owned docking facilities.

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The high density polyurethane water line stretches about 840 feet long, was installed in 1985 and is part of a system that supplies water to Holiday Isle, Destin Water Users General Manager Lockwood Wernet said Friday.

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The water consumers on Holiday Isle are among the more than 12,000 people during the winter and more than 40,000 in the summer who receive service from Destin Water Users.

Wernet said the upcoming water line inspection will take two to three days to complete and will mark the first time that the line has ever been examined by divers. The work is a continuation of Destin Water Users’ efforts to assess its infrastructure in order to have a clear picture of its condition, according to Wernet.

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He said the company knows the water line crossing the harbor is working well because it is constantly being monitored.

“We have six wells around town that serve our water system, and we have a constant pressure that we monitor throughout our system,” Wernet said.

Destin Water Users’ partnership with Logan Diving and Salvage started in 2019. That’s when the diving company checked on the condition of a DWU water line that runs under the U.S. Highway 331 Bridge that crosses Choctawhatchee Bay.

“We inspected that last year and thought we should inspect this line (across Destin Harbor), too,” Wernet said.

The water line that crosses the harbor is one of two main water lines that feed Holiday Isle, with the other extending along Gulf Shore Drive.

“If something were to happen to either line, such as from a major hurricane, we have a separate line to feed water in to the Holiday Isle neighborhood,” Wernet said.