Scuba Schools International has launched its dive trip advisor and dive travel planning tool, “My Dive Guide.”

The new online tool is feature-rich and covers almost every piece of information you need when planning your next dive vacation or local dive trip. Features of “My Dive Guide” include:

  • Detailed information on over 2,500 dive sites, plus general information on over 14,000 dive sites.
  • Information on over 600 dive destinations around the world.
  • Locations of SSI training centers around the world as well as a calendar with SSI events.
  • In-depth information on special marine life encounters around the world.

The site also features a COVID-19 travel map, with the latest information regarding the pandemic and local restrictions at various SSI dive centers around the world, as well as guidance and information provided by the Divers Alert Network.

You can find out more about “My Dive Guide” here, or check out a short video about it below.